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Why Vaccinate?

Reasons why I believe every eligible person should get the Covid-19 vaccine



  • Because advances in science should be celebrated, not feared

  • Because without a susceptible host, Covid-19 virus cannot duplicate, mutate and become resistant to the current vaccine

  • Because every adult Covid-19 death is now almost entirely preventable

  • Because 96% of physicians in the US chose to receive the vaccine (American Medical Association)

  • Because by protecting ourselves, we protect others

  • Because we have already lost too many loved ones to preventable disease

  • Because “natural immunity” did not save the vast majority of the more than 650,000 Americans who lost their lives to Covid-19 (a very small fraction was vaccinated; no vaccine is 100% effective but Covid vaccine is extremely effective at preventing death)

  • Because vaccination is the shortest path to get back to our normal lives

  • Because for fighting the pandemic, we should use every weapon at our disposal

  • Because life is precious

  • Because at least one vaccine has been fully approved by FDA

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